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Tiger I E

by on February 13, 2013

I’ve had these tanks for 3-4 years and just now finished painting them! They are one of the fearsome tanks the germans have in their arsenal and one that I don’t use too often. They are expensive in points cost and in LW are often harder to field against other tank lists because they can throw such high AT guns against you. However they remain one of my favorites, they have a high side armor and top armor which is good for assaults and they have a longer range gun then most tanks which allow for reaching out to destroy my enemies.

2013-02-12_17-11-32_401 2013-02-12_17-14-58_853 2013-02-12_17-15-15_238 2013-02-12_17-15-44_600




Let me know what you think! I am currently working on basing my artillery group and painting some random infantry to fill out the squads I have accumulated. After that I have Marder II’s, Panzer IV’s and Panthers- So plenty of things to take care of before getting more models.


From → Flames of War

  1. Those look great! I love the striped camo. You might try a light brown ink wash and a light dusting/drybrush of a lighter color (like Light Sand) – doing both of those is a quick and easy way to “dirty up” the tanks and make them look like they’ve been out fighting on the battlefield.

  2. Yeah, they could use a drybrush of a lighter color- I’ve done a wash already with one of GW’s washes. They are actually a lot darker then the original colors- I’m not sure if I’d do the stripes the same way next time, I think they came out alright though.

  3. They look great! Btw, on eBay right now are a bunch of Command Decision bags (usually two or more tanks per bag) of assorted German (more Tiger 1s!), Shermans and Soviet tanks for the next 6 hrs for about $70. I’ll buy the share of the trucks and T-34/85s in this lot if you want to split it to win it. Check it out.

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