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Schwere Panzerjagerkompanie

by on January 14, 2013


1 jagdpanther- 235

Combat Platoons

2 Jagdpanthers- 470

3 StuG G- 285

Weapons Platoons

3 Wirbelwind (Quad 2cm)- 165

Support Platoons

Fallschirmjager Platoon- 275
3 squads

Grenadier Artillery Battery- 210
2 gun sections


So this list has a good AT and some good staying power with the FJ troops. The rest of the army besides the arty is mobile so can move forward pretty easily. If I had to move this to 1750 I would add a StuG G or change stuff around and get a 2nd FJ platoon.

  1. The only thing I noticed about this list in retrospect I don’t like is that I only have 5 platoons there, I need to figure out how to include one more- Maybe there are better options then the Arty.

  2. I like this list, from what I remember I was thinking
    HQ 2 Stug
    1 platoon 4 stug
    1 platoon 3 jagdpanther
    1 platoon 2 whirblwind
    1 grenadier platoon + faust
    1 mortar platoon (2 sections)
    1 security platoon

    only way i could do a half decent 6 platoon list!

  3. HQ

    1 jagdpanther- 235

    Combat Platoons

    2 Jagdpanthers- 470

    3 StuG G- 285

    Weapons Platoons

    2 Wirbelwind (Quad 2cm)- 110

    Support Platoons

    Fallschirmjager Platoon- 275
    3 squads

    Grendier Platoon(CT)- 150
    3 squads
    1 Panzerschreck
    1 Panzerfaust

    Grenadier Mortar Platoon(CV)- 125
    2 Sections

    I’m thinking this is more of what I’d go with to make it 6- I like having the larger squads of infantry to hold or push- It’s either that or drop the FJ platoon for another squad of 3 StuG Gs, that makes it more aggressive on the push.

  4. If you use the Schwere Panzerjager company from “Bridge by Bridge,” you can simply split the one platoon you have of 2 Jagdpanthers into 2 platoons of 1 Jagdpanther each, and its the same exact points cost. Then you have 6 Platoons and don’t change anything.

  5. Yeah I didn’t even think of that. I think I’d run them in 2 separate platoons but I would still drop the Arty battery for some mortars- Then take another stug or something to make them a larger platoon. I think that the biggest problem this list will face is dug in and supported infantry, so having a larger platoon would help prevent horrible loss. The problem with taking Jagdpanthers is that they are really only good for killing tanks(and long rang sniping of guns). I just thought it’d be fun.

  6. Well like most of the lists in the bridge by bridge compilation, its a historically based list, not a “tourney” list. That book is chock full of “for fun” lists, which would most likely do mediocre at best at a competitive tourney, imo. As most of you know, I couldn’t care less about tourneys anymore, but I really like the idea of running historical lists and attempting to recreate historical battles or campaigns. So, to summarize, yes, its a for fun list. Any list with a small number of very expensive units, is generally not a good list for a tournament, but *shrugs* I am not a tourney player anymore anyway. I don’t really care THAT much about game/point balance either, but because the basic rules are built around that, I can’t escape it (that’s also why I don’t think its a crutch to use Jumbo Shermans alongside normal Shermans or to play ridiculously large games like 2k or 2250 points so you can have a HUGE tank versus tank battle, etc, etc).

  7. I don’t understand what your post has to do with the list..

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