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Market Garden Compilation

by on January 11, 2013

I just picked it up! I’ll include some lists that I want to try out eventually as well as pictures of my 1650 that I’ve been meaning to post for a long time. Some differences in the Market Garden campaign from the Russian one for my lists(mostly Fallschirmjäger) is that I can run a fearless trained company and my support options are VERY different.  Some of the other options the book gives me that I’d like to try out is a confident trained Tiger list. They won’t have Tiger ace skills or wide tracks and will be unreliable so they are significantly cheaper(4 of them for the price of 2 confident vets). I thought this was a great way to play a different German list since usually I am playing a vet list.

If anyone has a model that they are particularly proud of post it! We can have a vote on the best painted of the group. Where are you at painting the lists you are working on? Post some pictures! I’d love to see what people are working on and how their lists are coming along. If anyone has any list questions or wants to throw a list on the forum to see others take on it(sometimes its easier to see what other people think the strengths/weaknesses of a particular list are when building) please do so.



From → Flames of War

One Comment
  1. I have been working on my arty, unfortunately I have no pics yet. I expect my list to perform better once they are included. I am also planning on buying a KV-5 tank.

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