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Saturday the 29th!

by on December 17, 2012

I just wanted a roll call on who was still planning on making it(I know Walter is and I am-). Will and Jeremy are you guys still coming?

I was also wondering if you guys cared if I tried to get some Thursday night gamers interested by playing some of the battles we have lined up on the map already(since Jeremy/Walter was the only one completed and we still have 2 arrows to do on turn 2). They are experienced players so it wound’t be a gimme and I will only play on arrows currently there(and not all of them). I figured it’d be good to get the board moving a bit more and maybe this will get some to come on a Saturday as well.

Also I wanted to know how late people are planning to stay this next game day on the 29th, I know its the busy time of year and last time Jeremy and Will had to leave early- I just want to make sure we can get full games in so that we are progressing in the campaign(me and will just called the game a draw and left it unresolved because there was no clear victor). I can be there around 3pm, a little earlier if people will be there. My girlfriend has a party we were invited to that I’d go to if I knew people would be leaving at 7pm again(I’d leave at the same time) but if people are planning on staying for the full run I can stay too(or long enough to at least get one game in). To be practical, a game shouldn’t take more then 2.5 hrs, which can be more difficult since some people have a TON of models(go Russians!) and some people are newer to the rules. I just know that if we start setting up tables and start playing by 4 there’s no reason we shouldn’t be finishing games.

So this was a lot longer then I intended it to be! I hope everyone has a good holiday and I will hopefully see everyone the 29th!


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  1. Madrith permalink

    I can actually be there at noon if anyone else is going to be there to play. I can stay until 9:30pm, IF there are people staying. I really would like to get at least one complete game in from start to finish, so please whoever plays me, don’t start a game with me if you can’t finish. I’ve had several games now where my opponent tells me they have to leave early after we’re already into the game and we don’t finish.

  2. I will be there and I should at least be able to stay until 8PM. I think if the newer players are going to be in the campaign (which I think they should be) they need to team up with experienced players for a team game until they get a better grasp of the rules.

    I think I should stick to smaller games (1500 pts) for now until I can get faster at playing.

  3. I have to leave again at 7 (shelter duty), but I can start up earlier than 3. If playing 1750 points, I’d get there at 2. I’d like to see some Thursday players jump in. Maybe I can show up on this or next Thursday, too. What time do they usually get there?

    I’m also still thinking about the invasion of Romania/Hungary thing for the next campaign.

  4. Thursday night gaming usually goes 6pm-9 or so, I am there most thursdays(or at least am trying to be). I’ll probably be at the store around 3 this week(unless I can leave earlier from work).

  5. Also, if folks can donate a couple of bucks to the Firestorm Bagration Boxed Set Purchase Foundation, someone’s bound to appropriate the money to buy more Russkies from John.;)

    I’ll try to make it in this Thursday or next as well as Saturday.

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