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Another great documentary series

by on November 28, 2012

Heya guys, I have been watching documentaries again while painting up my miniatures, and I thought I’d share another great series with you all. This one is a 6 part series entirely devoted to telling the story of the basic German soldiers in the Wehrmacht. Its called, “The Wehrmacht Series” (big surprise there). If you’re interested in watching historical documentaries, and need something to watch while you paint, I recommend this. Anyway, here you go:


From → Flames of War

  1. Paul Sewell permalink

    Hi guys.
    My name is Paul Sewell and I don’t think I have met any of you yet, as I not been able to get down to the Panzer Depot for several months. I play Germans mainly, but I also have a US force. Both forces are fully painted. I also watch WW2 documentaries while I paint 😉
    Here is a list of some of the playlists that I have complied from you tube.


    The German Panzer: ” Tiger Tank ”

    TANKS! The Battle of Kursk

    Assault Guns and Tank Hunters Sturmgeschütz

    Tanks on Campaign

    Flames of War Boot Camp

    • Thanks for the documentary recommendations. Hopefully you can make it down to play for one of our gaming sessions. We only play once a month or so because of everyone’s busy schedules.

  2. Good stuff! I’m enjoying them.

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