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The Bagration Campaign Has Started! Turn 1: Soviet Assault, Vitebsk Captured.

by on October 1, 2012

So the long awaited Bagration Campaign kicked of this last Saturday. Will deserves special recognition for helping us in getting this started.

All of our games are going to be a minimum of 1500 points due to balance issues with the bonus units that can be taken by either side.

The captain for the Axis is Michael and the captain for the Allies is yours truly (Jeremie).

A summary of the first battles of the Bagration Campaign:

The city of Vitebsk was taken by Will’s Strelkovy army from Walter’s Romanian Armored Platoon. Both sides suffered heavy losses, but ultimately the Red Army prevailed.

The territory of Zhlobin was held by Michael’s Sturmdivision against my own Tankovy Kompanie. This territory was fortified and the Red Army has not been pushed back. The bloody fighting continues into the next round!


The Soviets are prepared to overrun the German defenders.

The campaign will resume on October the 13th at the Panzer Depot @ 4PM to 9PM!


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  1. Quick note – I play Hungarians, not Romanians. Romanians are the Hungarians’ bitter enemy. 😉

  2. Also I just read in the Firestorm rule book that the Soviet side automatically wins initiative for ALL battles in the first turn, and adds +1 to the roll for initiative in the second campaign turn – this is because we started on the July 22nd start date for the extended campaign, not the later date.

  3. Oh wow, so they should of had that anyway- I hope that next round is equally awesome.

  4. I think we should take pictures next time and take pictures each turn so that at the end maybe we could have a collection of the board progression and a narration that follows it-

    • I did include more pictures originally, but I was having trouble getting Word Press to publish once I was done. So I started removing them until it would post.

  5. Yeah, we stopped at a lot of good moments during our battle for good pictures. I think an overhead shot of the Map each action would be pretty awesome.

    • I even tried to include pics of the territories on the game map that were fought over. I’m not sure exactly how to get that stuff to post. It would make the battle reports easier to comprehend.

  6. Yeah, Visual aids help especially since most people would be unfamiliar with the areas we fight over

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