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Countdown to Bagration: Practice Game Day

by on September 10, 2012

The Soviets had a tough battle the other day. My Tankovy Company learned that getting into a fire fight with Hungarian Panther tanks is suicide.

The game seemed to start at a good pace,  the dice rolls were initially in my favor. I had some luck on my side since one of my T-34/85 units was able to shrug off a potentially devastating volley from the Panthers.

However, despite my initial luck early on my Soviets ceded ground soon after due to a lack of much needed reinforcements. The Hungarians were able to get their reserves out quickly enough. Once my ISU-122’s arrived I was in a position of weakness and couldn’t recover the battle.

Lessons learned? Yes, I think I should have been more mobile through the battle. My 2 units of 5 T-34/85s (which are proxy shermans in the pics) should have been pushing to the flanks of the Hungarian line. Walter’s other armor could not have taken them out so easily. My list had a good amount of infantry which mopped up the Hungarian motorcycles, but didn’t do much after that. I will consider using some air support next time

Turn 4. My ISU-122’s finally arrived!

Turn 2

and cut back on the infantry.

Overall it was a good game and good practice before we kick off our Bagration campaign.

The last stand of the Soviets


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