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Gaming day on saturday the 25th – cancelled

by on August 23, 2012

Heya guys, just a quick update.  Due to everyone not being able to show up to the store on saturday the 25th, I am cancelling that game day.  The next time we’ll be playing is at Jeremy’s house on Sunday, the 9th.  Please contact him for info (his email should be available through wordpress) as he does not wish to publicly post his address (understandably). 


From → Flames of War

  1. derkommissar permalink

    Since I have 2 4×6 tables we can either do a large game or multiple smaller games. Please bring terrain if you have any. I will also fire up the grill for lunch/dinner.

    • I will ask to borrow what Michael has for terrain, but that’s all I will have (a few pieces) with me.

      • derkommissar permalink

        I was also planning on grabbing a few pieces at Galaxy Hobbie and maybe some felt from Hobbie Lobby for forests and fields.

  2. Sounds good 🙂 You might pick up a piece tan colored felt too and cut it up in strips for dirt roads.

    • Actually, Matt made some cobblestone road pieces already. I will pick up some felt for forest borders and wheat field patches.

  3. I’m having trouble here figuring out how to get people’s emails so I can get to Jeremy’s. Any pointers?

  4. Email me at with directions.

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