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For Sale

by on August 17, 2012

Shane(one of the Thursday night gamers) is selling a lot of his painted Russians(and maybe other armies as well) if anyone is interested I can get you an email. It sounds like he had lots of tanks and infantry- I don’t know what he’s charging or anything though. I thought it was kind of interesting, I was looking at the views and we have quite of international views now, Romania, UK etc.. I did post this blog on the FoW forums so that might account for some of the traffic, but I think more of it might be d/t Walter’s Countdown posts.


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  1. I would like us to keep the club going even if we aren’t getting many games in. I thought it would be great if we had club shirts too.

  2. Oh yeah! I will def. be continuing the Saturday sessions. Theres no time limit necessarily on Bagaration, so no worries. I still go several Thursdays a month as well-

  3. I was planning on keeping the gaming club sessions going every two weeks or so (sometimes skipping to every three weeks). If I can even get ONE person to show up, I will be there on the 25th at the store. Then it looks like we’ll be gaming at Jeremy’s house on sunday the 9th, and then skipping to 3 weeks and doing the mega battle at The Panzer Depot on the 29th. Hopefully most people can make it to that. We’ll be starting at 11am at opening time on that day (which means we probably wont REALLY get started until noon, but try to be there at 11am). We’ll be using the backroom giant table for that game. After that we’ll do one or two more “open” game sessions prior to starting the Bagration campaign. I haven’t gotten ahold of a copy of Bagration yet. I would really like to pool money for those interested first, then then order the set via ebay.

    Jeremy – with regards to t-shirts – I am still up for that but Matt told me he would sketch up some sketches for possible t-shirt designs and then never got back to me. I would love some t-shirts, but if its only the three of us who want them, unless we each buy 3 or 4, it may not be worth the money… So far, I get the impression that you and Michael and I are the only ones that are into this club idea enough to warrant a t-shirt. I had planned on starting up a collection for purchasing a Bagration set, but last time Michael and I were the only ones from our group that showed up, so we may end up having to split the cost of a Bagration set between the three of us.

  4. With regards to buying models, I thought about buying used models, but then I remembered that at least half of what I enjoy about this hobby is painting them up. For someone who doesn’t have time to paint up and model their own stuff, I could see buying an army… but personally, I love building and painting up models, particularly tanks.

  5. Since the tournament got cancelled, I got some babysitting points coming back to me (I hope!) I watched the EBay countdown and the Bagration box eventually went for $34, btw. I am willing to pitch in, even bid on one next time for the group. And I want a shirt.

    The tournament made me rush the HG recon company to finish and now I really want to try them out. But my Soviets are also itching for action. I’ll try to get pics up this weekend.

  6. Will – that sounds great. Will you be able to make it to gaming on the 25th then? I have one friend who is still learning the game showing up at 4pm. I might be able to make it to the store around 2pm and could squeeze in a game with you (either for infantry aces or a pre-bagration “practice” match for whatever army you want to run in bagration). Just let me know so I know when to show up.

  7. I won’t be around on the 25th, sorry.

  8. I just scored a Firestorm Bagration box for $35! I’ll try to get it to Seattle for the 9th.

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