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FOW Game Day on the 9th

by on August 16, 2012

If anyone wants to come down to my place on the Sunday Sept 9th let me know. I have 2 4×6 tables. If you need directions please reply to this post and I will send you an e-mail with them (I don’t want to post them publicly). I plan on having people over around 2pm to 8pm. We could bbq on my grill for food if people are willing to help supply food and drink for the occasion.


From → Flames of War

  1. I will be there. I will try to bring something to eat too – just remind me when we get closer to the date. I’ll talk to Michael and see if I can borrow his terrain since he won’t be making it. I will be up for playing practice Bagration games (whatever points you want… although the bigger the better imo).

  2. Wil permalink

    I’ll try to get there at 2 as well and will bring both German and Russian stuff as well as some terrain.

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