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August 11th Infantry Aces – anyone going?

by on August 11, 2012

Hey, I heard that a few people weren’t going to show up today. Anyone game?


From → Flames of War

  1. I was there, as I said I was going to be at 4pm (see side of blog – it always says the next game days and when I will be there). Only Michael showed up to play. We ended up playing a practice game for the Bagration campaign, since both he and I don’t “need” any more games before the mega battle. Speaking of which. I’d really like to know who is planning to show up or to skip each gaming session, so PLEASE email me and let me know in advance if at all possible. I drive a long ways to get to the store and I also often plan a babysitter in advance to watch my daughter, so doing any gaming takes some set up time and commitment on my part. Anyway, I was planning on doing the next game day as saturday august 25th. So far, I know Jeremy said he can’t be there and I heard today from Michael that he won’t be there either. So… is anyone else able to/want to go on saturday the 25th? If not, we’ll schedule for a different day. I am available to game from 4pm-10pm that day. Please let me know.

    • Sorry, all my gaming eggs this month are for the tournament this next week, but I did show up yesterday for a quick bit. Btw, I think those two Firestorm boxes have a few hr.s left on Bay and are up to $5.50.

  2. I’ll check the ebay auction, thanks for the heads up. Also thank you for the heads up about the 25th. If no one gets back to me that can actually make it, I’ll move the date to some other time. I just don’t want to plan to get a babysitter and get down to the store with no one there, is all.

    • I’m not going to be able to make it on the 25th too.

      Sorry about the poor communication on the 11th. I neglected to see the notice on the side of the blog confirming you’d be there, next time I’ll email you if theirs a problem. In my own defense I tried text messaging a couple people to see if anyone was going to be there, but didn’t get ahold of anyone. Right now I’m working per diem so I don’t know my schedule ahead of time and it tends to change last minute.

  3. I will not make the 25th, but I am planning on making the final Mega-battle for Sept.

  4. Luke – no problem. I just don’t want to get a babysitter and make plans to go down to the store if no one else is going… and so far it looks like no one else will be there. I haven’t heard from Matt or Joe yet though.

    Jeremy- yes thank you as well for letting me know. The megabattle is slated for September 29th – all day long. I know we also talked about the possiblity of gaming at your house on sunday, september 9th – non-campaign gaming – just playing “normal” games. Did you talk to your wife about that? Just curious…

    • Sorry I didn’t get back to you on that. I did talk to her and she is fine with that. So we are good to go on that day.

  5. Can’t wait for Bagaration, from what Walter has said it sounds like it’ll be a lot of people experimenting with tank lists- It’ll be fun to see what people bring.

  6. Okay so Jeremy, why don’t you write up a “game day on the 9th” invite on the blog since it’ll be at your house and on a sunday. Let people know what time to show up and such. I don’t have any terrain… so hopefully you will be able to get some before then. I know Michael has a couple of pieces.

  7. I won’t be in town but I can lend them out for sure. I have a bunch of trees(no felt area piece) and 4 small buildings-

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