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Bagration Campaign – need to drop 200 pts from 505. schwere panzer ABT

by on July 26, 2012

505. Schwere Panzer ABT – Op. BagrationImage

Schwere Panzer Company HQ – 1x CIC Tiger I (225 pts)

Compulsory Schwere Panzer Platoon – 1x Command Tiger IE, 1x Tiger I E (430 pts)

Compulsory Schwere Panzer Platoon – 1x Command Konigstiger (345 pts)

Schwere Panzer Armoured Scout Platoon – 1x Command MG, 2x MG, 3x Sd Kfz 251/1 (105 pts)

Panzer Platoon – 1x Command StuG G or StuG IV, 2x StuG G or StuG IV (285 pts)

Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier Platoon – 1x Command MG, 1x Sd Kfz 251/1 or 251/10, 4x MG, 2x Sd Kfz 251/1 (155 pts)

Grenadier Platoon – 1x Command Rifle/MG, 6x Rifle/MG (155 pts)

1700 Points, 6 Platoons


From → Flames of War

  1. Do you have all the minis in your list yet?

  2. Interesting that your Stug G’s are considered part of a Panzer platoon, while mine in my Hungarian list are considred assault guns and use a different force organization slot from the other tanks. And holy ****, I thought my Panthers and Tigers were expensive but… wow. Although a konigstiger should be a lot of fun to run… man I would be afraid of losing that in a single shot. Jeremy better start getting some HUGE guns/tanks to deal with all of those heavy tanks… either that or a lot of anti-tank infantry. I think I see what you’re doing though… you are getting an army that doesn’t have a lot of models to paint 😉

    I look forward to allying with you and holding back the red tide.

  3. I forgot to ask – why do you need to drop 200 points? You can run as many armies and have them be as big or small as you want to run in Bagration 🙂 I am building a list for 2k points, which is a large game, but I expect I won’t always be playing that large of a game.

  4. Capt_Kappin permalink

    AH. I thought the list had to be 1500 pts. I don’t have the Konigstiger yet. I acutally have several lists planned out; all, slightly different to keep the opponent guessing. I’d like to be able to run Grenadierkompanie, Grenadierkompanie (fortified), Panzergrenadierlompanie, Stug Battery, and Schwere Panzer. It keeps things interesting, not to mention a lot of the core models can be shared, then used as support in other lists.

  5. Okay so after playing Jeremy twice today with two different lists (he also tried out two different lists)… I can see that he is almost certainly going to use IL-2 Sturmovik’s for air support. I am going to throw in my two cents for a modification for your list, Luke. Since you’re running so many points in heavy tanks, take some dedicated AA for protection. You’ll most likely be VERY thankful you did when you play Jeremy or other Soviet players that use those IL-2 Sturmoviks. The second game I played against him, he used priority air support with Sturmoviks, but since I had 4 dedcated AA guns out there, I was able to stop him from blasting away at my Panthers from the air – and even with top armor 2 on your tigers, the Sturmoviks can drop bombs that have anti tank 5 on top. Anyway, that’s my two cents – add in some AA protection (besides if the Soviet player doesn’t use air support, then use the AA for anti infantry – its pretty effective at that as a secondary role).

  6. Oh also, I was looking through Grey Wolf at the list you made your list from, and… I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news (particularly for an ally) ;-)… but at the bottom of page 71 in Grey Wolf, it says “all schwere panzer platoons in your force must be equipped with the same type of tiger as your schwere panzer companie command tank.” Which, unfortunately means that you cannot take a set of two tiger I E’s as one combat platoon and 1 konigstiger as a another, as you did in your list. Unfortunately, in that particular list, you have to pick one type of tiger and stick with it for the schwere panzer platoons and companie command.

    • Yeah, i used a website to create this list(like free army builder) and I’m not surprised their is mistakes. Walter, I actually already have mobile AA too. I couldn’t fit them into 1500, but sense I have to ditch the konigstiger and replace it with 2 tiger 1e, I’ll need to make adjustments.

  7. *nods* Sounds good. Mind you, you don’t HAVE to have AA… just that I think with such high points cost tanks out there, I think its very worth protecting them with some dedicated AA, even if its just a couple of cheap AA trucks or gun emplacements. Sorry you had to get rid of the konigstiger. That list is pretty harsh with not allowing any – its hard to imagine being able to run an HQ konigstiger and two combat platoons with konigstigers and have anything left over. I suppose in a huge mega-battle it could work.

  8. You could run it in a normal list actually(at around 1750) but you only have 3 KT’s so you have to be really careful with them. Theres some good forum threads on it at the FOW website. If you want to do Tigers, look at Otto Carius as a special character.
    At the bottom of that they have the rules for him. I thought he is a pretty sweet character, I’d run him in a 1750 list- I’d use only 1 platoon of infantry as well running a tank list(if I have the points), they can be hard to fit in a heavy tank list though.

  9. I agree with MIchael, consider using Otto Carius. He’s a bargain at 100 points and will make that one tiger hit almost every time you shoot, and give you several other benefits as well – not the least of which is being able to basically deploy them almost exactly as americans deploy TD’s with recce teams… which makes it a LOT easier to get a psuedo-“ambush” on a flank with that one platoon that he’s joined. Doing that with tigers, and having Otto’s rerolls to hit and lack of modifiers, makes that platoon potentially REALLY powerful.

  10. Can you run Otto Carius in a Konigstiger platoon? Because… uhh that would be really really powerful.

  11. No, I am fairly certain it is only a Tiger platoon, though you can run him in any list that can tank the heavy tank platoon from page 71 ie grenadier list could take him etc..

  12. Aw, thats too bad. Otto in a KT would be… well ridonkulous 😉

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