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Gaming after the 28th of July

by on July 19, 2012

You guys all already know we’re gaming on the 28th of July at the Depot and I’ll be there around 2pm (and will be at paine field at 11:30am for those of you joining me there first). 

I spoke with John and I set up gaming for August for our FoW infantry elites club on Saturday August 11th, and Saturday August 25th.  I went ahead and set those dates down because on August 18th, as Michael posted earlier, there is a late war FoW tourney, so the tables won’t be available that day, and several of us will be going to PAX, which is August 31st, September 1st and September 2nd, so we won’t be gaming that weekend either.  So the only two Saturdays left after July 28th were August 11th and 25th (and that keeps it to every two weeks anyway).  Hopefully some of you guys can make it to those dates. 

On August 11th the plan is to move into the final turn 3 at 900 points.  As long as we have a reasonable number of people show up for those two days of gaming, we’ll be done with turn 3 on the 25th.  The plan is then in September to do the mega-battle on a saturday that works with John in September.  We’ll need to use the large table at the back of the store and we’ll need to try to have as many of us show up for that as possible (to make it worth using the big table).  For that event, plan on needing to stay for a longer period of time (we’ll need most of the day), or alternatively, plan on having team mates who can stay, take over your units if you absolutely have to leave.  Please post below regarding if you will be able to make it to gaming on these days (if you don’t know yet, that’s fine, just keep me updated).


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  1. The 22nd/29th of Sept. are the only days that are gonna work for me for the big battle- I’ll be outta town for 1 of those, working another so I wouldn’t be able to do a full day(and pax for the first).
    I should have no problem making both days in August although I’m working one so won’t be there till 4-430.

  2. Okay I will talk to John about which of those two weekends might work for him. We’ll probably still have at least one more gaming session than the one for the mega battle, so if we decide to be finished with the turns for the campaign by then, we can just have a “normal” get together and practice using army lists for the Bagration campaign coming up if that’s the case.

  3. Uhhg.. It’s looking like the I won’t be there much for the remainder of the campaign due to my camping trip and another plan I had previously committed to. I won’t make the gaming days in August. If we can pin down the maga-battle day then I will make sure nothing else get’s scheduled for that day.

    • The mega-battle is still a ways off in September – I need to talk to John and see whats available. I will talk to him this week when I see him.

  4. I won’t be able to make any August games as I spent all babycare points on the tournament.

    Looking forward to the megabattle though.

    • Ah, yes I know what you mean with regards to needing a babysitter (I have a 23 month old daughter). I am tentatively aiming for the last saturday of september for the final mega battle. I will solidify that date within a couple of weeks.

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