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Countdown to Bagration: The history of operation Bagration

by on July 19, 2012

In the coming months, I am going to be posting various historical articles and documentaries which pertain to Operation Bagration in preparation for our map based campaign. My hope is that some of you guys will feel inspired to run a list or two that has a historical basis in Bagration (note that this is not required). To kick off the Bagration countdown, I am posting the final segment of a wonderful documentary series called Soviet Storm. This is episode 6 and it focuses entirely on operation Bagration. If you guys have other articles or interesting factoids having to do with operation Bagration, feel free to post them with the “Countdown to Bagration” caption in the title.


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  1. Wil permalink

    Did you get a Firestorm set yet? I saw one on Ebay for a dollar this morning.

  2. No I haven’t picked it up yet. I was going to start collecting money for it from everyone who wants to participate by the end of this month and then start looking for a box to buy on ebay. I think if everyone pitches in 15 bucks or so, we should have enough with shipping. I saw the one for a dollar too – but that has like 4 days left on it and they usually get bid to about 50 bucks or so and then you have to add shipping costs. I figure 75 bucks or so SHOULD cover it and any left over I’ll just divide up and give back to everyone. I did however, download a pdf of the firestorm rules and am currently trying to become more fluent in them so I can teach everyone how the campaign is different from the current campaign (there’s a lot more detailed rules in the map based campaigns).

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