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by on July 16, 2012

Hey guys!

I just wanted to let you know if you haven’t heard yet there is a Late War 1650 points tournament on August 18th(I think its starts at 11 or 1030). Its 3 rounds, 2.5 hrs in length for each round. I know most everyone is still early on with their army as far as building it up goes but if you are interested in playing let John know so he can put you down. I’ll be playing my Fallschirmjager there :)

Its a great day to just go play some FOW and have fun.


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  1. Luke permalink

    I’ll be there!

  2. If you want to talk about list creation(I know your larger game experience hasn’t been as much) I can help out if you want it– The biggest thing to consider(at least for me) is that you could be facing anything from all tanks to no tanks. So balance is a must. I think one of the most annoying lists I’ve played was a f’ ton of curchhills, most of them had decent front armor(the platoon command had better, like 12). So what you might see can vary a lot.

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