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A visit to the Chehalis Veteran Memorial Museum

by on July 15, 2012

Yesterday my wife, my daughter and I were in Chehalis and we dropped by the Veteran Memorial Museum.  They have some interesting things from WWII there.  Here’s me in front of their M3 Stuart tank (sorry about the glare):


Here’s a side view:


And the interior:


Finally, here’s the driver’s seat (it doesn’t look very comfortable):



From → Flames of War

  1. escod permalink

    If you had a lense hood you could eliminate most if not allof that glare. Pretty cool though I’ve never seen a Stewart.

  2. All of the photos were from my cell phone camera, which isn’t the best… and I doubt there is a lens hood for a cell phone. My wife actually has a really nice camera, but we decided not to take it with us because we were already bogged down by “baby gear” and then of course carrying or chasing my 22 month old daughter around. You can actually see the diaper bag in the top photo with me in front of the tank on the ground next to me. Also, we actually took the trip to Chehalis to ride the steam train, and were surprised to find this museum right next to the train station, so we weren’t really expecting to go here. I have a bunch more pics on my phone that I can show you guys when I see you again – mostly of WWII era firearms in the museum. If you want to see them, just remind me next time I see you.

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