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by on July 11, 2012

Kurg now has 2 more victories to report! Sadly no pictures, which is too bad because both battles would have been great for pictures!

The first was a desperate hold action against American Paratroopers. A pair of MG42’s and a platoon of Fallschirmjager were all that stood against the allied onslaught until reinforcements arrived. Kurg chose a river crossing to be the location of his stand, using forests and fields to conceal his troops as the Americans rushed forward to exploit the weakness in German lines.

American recon moved quickly forward on the southern flank, hoping to catch the Fallschirmjager commander alone and vulnerable. Backed up by a platoon of paratroopers, it looked as if they would power through the flank until a group of MG’s appeared halting the thrust. Meanwhile Lucky Joe pushed on the Northern flank quickly. The objective he sought was further away and across a river crossing, but by splitting his force he was forcing the Germans to split their forces.

As Joe arrived at the River the platoon of Fallschirmjager appeared and quickly dashed his hopes of an easy victory. The American forces managed to take out the MG’s and push forward. The fall of the MG’s was accompanied by the arrival of another platoon of Fallschirmjager that quickly moved forward to bolster the line. The next few turns the Americans advanced and then assualted the German line under mortar fire. They were pushed back by Kurgs valiantly led defence until there was little left to push on. The Americans then decided to quit the field.

The second battle moved at a much quicker pace. Kurg faced the Russian infantry horde. The sole Russian unit advanced quickly across the field towards the west objective while the Fallschirmjager quickly tried to dig in with one unit and advance with the other. The Russians were too quick and all but annihlated the defending platoon of Germans. Kurg and a platoon commander stood and held in time for a pair of MG42’s to take the field. With their help they were able to cause the Russians to fall back. Kurg fell in battle.

Across the field at the other platoon of Germans assualted the eastern objective. They reached it in time to fight the 2nd Russian unit off the objective causing them to flee as well.

The Fatherland has done well this week, 2 more victories to be added to the tally. Kurg will continue to lead his men onward having only suffered one loss so far. Are there no Allies that can best him again?

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