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Painting up for Bagration!

by on June 27, 2012


Here’s what I worked on today.  This is my first Panther tank all painted up and ready for the upcoming Bagration campaign.  It was my first try at painting camouflage on anything.  I’m pretty happy with how it came out.  Only 4 more of these to go and then I’ll be on to some Zrinyi II’s (that will have to wait until next month).  Anyway, what progress are you guys making on painting?  I am eager to see…



From → Flames of War

  1. Nice camo. I’m getting ready to work on the camo for my vehicles. At first, I wasn’t sure I was going to paint them with it, but after seriously considering non-camo tanks/vehicles vs. camo, I decided camo looks way better. I’ll post some pics when I get something done.

  2. Sounds good to me. I look forward to seeing how my German allies will look on the battlefield fighting back the mighty soviet horde.

  3. derkommissar permalink

    I like the paint scheme Walter.

  4. Thanks, Jeremy. I look forward to seeing your tanks too… and putting some holes in them for you on the battlefield 😉

  5. derkommissar permalink

    Well, we’ll see about that… You’ll have to survive my massed Katyusha rocket bombardments. After a few rounds of that and you’ll be ready to switch sides and join the ‘good guys’.

  6. Katyusha’s are great for killing lots of spread out infantry (particularly dug in infantry), unarmored vehicles, and gun teams… not so much for tanks. The best Katyusha’s have for anti tank is 3, and that’s the more powerful Katysha with only 48 inch range if I remember correctly. That means tanks with armor 1 on top only fail a save on a roll of a 1 and bail out on a 2. Not great odds. If I were you’d I’d rely more on IL-2 Sturmoviks, big anti tank guns, and tanks with either high anti tank (such as IS-2’s or ISU 122’s), or massed hordes of tanks with a medium amount of anti tank getting to the side armor via hording around my tanks. Out of all of that, I’d have to say the hordes of tanks and IL-2’s are the scariest imo. The threat of IL-2’s means that I pretty much HAVE to take anti-aircraft to protect expensive Panthers, for example.

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