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The next couple of game days

by on June 25, 2012

Heya guys, just a quick update about upcoming game days.  After deliberating with several people, it looks like the we’ll be doing our next game day in 2 weeks on Saturday July 7th, and then going 3 weeks and doing a game day on Saturday July 28th.  Both of the next two game sessions will be for turn 2 at 700 points.  You can now gain all of your ace abilities by the end of turn 2 if you have enough points.

We’ll start turn 3 in August and we’ll only be doing 2 game sessions for turn 3.  Finally the mega-battle will be in September, but we have to schedule it on a say when John has the large board at the back available to us all day, since it’ll be an all day event. 

For the Bagration campaign, we’ll most likely be starting that on or around October 27th, which gives us all enough time to figure out what we want to play, and get a few games in before we start the campaign.  That campaign will not be an escalation campaign, so we’ll be playing full size armies for those battles.  Also, when we get a little closer to October, I’ll be shopping around on ebay for a Bagration campaign set, as they don’t publish it anymore, and I am hoping that maybe we can all chip in for it (usually they’re 60 or 70 bucks on ebay).  If we all chip in 6 ways or so, it should be pretty affordable.


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  1. I’m looking forward to the next session. Sorry I’ve been MIA from the Seattle FOW blog. For some reason I’m no longer getting email updates for new posts.

    So, to get caught up on the last few posts. I plan on playing a Stug Batterie for the Bagration Campaign. I’m not 100% yet, but I’m pretty sure.

    • In the bagration campaign, you don’t have to stick with one army list. The only thing you have to stick with in that campaign is the side you play on – either axis or allied. You’ll see when we get the set later in a few months and go over the rules, it doesn’t really matter what armies you play for each battle – just the side you play on. In fact I recommend trying different lists out so it keeps the games fresh; and that would actually be more reflective of the historical accuracy too since the entire bagration campaign in real life wasn’t fought with only a couple of armies. I am building a Hungarian tank list, but I am going to be building up enough to run either the tank company or the assault gun company. If I can get enough money to buy more models and paint them in time, I may also get enough to run a mechanized company (that’s the one type of company I don’t own and would like to run in addition to a tank company)… but for all of these I am going to stick with Hungarians. If you’re running German Stugs, feel free to run some other German armies if you want to try out different lists as well or feel like building/painting models that are not in the Stug list you were thinking you wanted to run.

      • Bagration Campaign- I’m relieved to hear that, because I wanted to run several different German armies. The Sturm Kompanie would be a very fluffy and effective list to run, but I don’t want to have to rebuy/paint a ton of infantry. I also considered sticking with a Grenadierkompanie, or running a heavy panzer kompanie. Now, it sounds like I can do them all! Flames of War rocks!

  2. BTW Walter, I found out I made a mistake in the game we played last. The Kampfgruppen platoon must leave at least 3 bases of non-tank models from any unit it takes from. SO, I couldn’t have put a HMG in the ambushing platoon. That machine gun only scored 1 hit out of 12 shots on your double-timing paratroopers, so I guess it didn’t make a big deal in the game.

    • *Nods* yea I also confirmed that you were right about all of the ambushing rules. You can in fact ambush from behind a wall as long as it would give concealment to the platoon doing the ambushing (and a wall would for troops)… so not a fence for example, but a wall or bushes is fine. If you had a larger platoon, such as a tank, then it needs to be terrain that would give the tank concealment – so a wall could again do that as long as it would normally give concealment.

      So… what I am doing in light of all of this, and in light of how I like to play aggressively is modifying my army. I am getting rid of the mortar platoon for now (for the 700 point battles) and instead putting in a recce platoon on foot with carbine rifle teams. I’ll be using them from now on to march ahead of my army and flush out any possible ambush (you can’t ambush within 8 inches of a recce team, even if out of sight completely). Also since they count as gone to ground even when they move and can have a chance to retreat when shot at and take less hits, I figure they’ll be pretty good at preventing what happened to me, happen again. The trick is that I have to not double move with a unit through that terrain without having had a recce team walk through ahead of them.

      • I agree. I debated taking a Scout Platoon. Pricey, but worth it. Not to mention they get a recon move before the game even starts.

  3. For bagration – yea don’t feel constrained. Run what you want. I plan to start out with Hungarian tanks, but expand into assault guns and then mechanized, and maybe infantry afterward. I am trying to buy and paint up a lot of stuff early on that can be used in any of the hungarian armies (almost all of them for example, can take at least a single platoon of Panther tanks). The only reason we are sticking with one list in infantry aces is because that’s kind of how the campaign is set up – you have one ace and build on that ace. In Bagration, we won’t have just one ace/char/leader. It’ll be more about the overarching strategy of the general working with his commanders and attacking key locations on the map (to stop supply routes of the enemy and such).

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