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Blunting the Blitz

by on June 25, 2012



Once again Capt. Dmitrius has proven his devotion to the protection of the socialist cause by denying the Germans valuable documents. Their attempt to catch the Red Army flat footed failed due to the many vigilant soldiers who hastily reorganized and began to rain mortar rounds and bullets upon the fascists. Our beloved captain Dmitrius stood his ground as the Germans tried for one last push toward their quarry and gunned down their commander in a brilliant counterattack. Once the Germans rushed in the face of our Maksim machine guns Dmitrius ordered bayonets to be fixed and we met their charge and prevailed. A potential crushing defeat was turned to absolute victory!

-Kommissar Pushkin


From → Flames of War

  1. derkommissar permalink

    This was the beginning of round 2 at 700 points and my previously posted list did well despite the shear amount of 6’s rolled by Luke’s Panzergrenadierkompanie. It was a close game and I was able to deny german victory at the last moment (which was the opposite of my 2nd game of the night in a ‘what if’ game against Matt’s Brittish).

  2. Well played Jeremie. I’m looking forward to playing or next game. This one was a bit of a landslide!

  3. That’s right, Grenadierkompanie. I thought that the game was close though. If you could have just motivated your soldiers near the house one turn earlier then you would have won.

    • I would have been the “winner”, but I only managed to destroy 1 platoon. I guess it was closer than I felt on my end. It’s tough being the attacker sometimes.

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