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Two polls regarding the Firestorm campaign

by on June 12, 2012

These polls are both for the Firestorm campaign, which we won’t start until after we finish both infantry aces and tank aces.


From → Flames of War

  1. Man you are really determined.

  2. Several of the choices above require some significant preparation – ie – if we did an African mid war campaign, we need to prepare a map and modify some special rules from the other firestorm campaigns. I would love to prepare something like this, but since it takes a lot of time, I would also like to know way in advance…that and I’d like to know ahead of time so I can start collecting and painting an army for it later in the year.

  3. Ok, I’m just not going to vote at this point in time. I understand you are worried about having stuff ready. I just don’t like planning 6 months in advance because I don’t know what I’ll really be interested in at that point for lists etc.. I think the map, special rules, etc.. won’t take more then a few weeks to prepare-
    Not to say that I won’t participate when the time comes- Just that I’m not prepared to make a decision about it one way or the other.

  4. derkommissar permalink

    Walter, could you make a poll for a club name? I think we should come up with one soon.

  5. If we do an Africa campaign, I am playing the British 7th armoured division “Desert Rats”. Do we still want to do a Tank Aces campaign or just go straight to a Firestorm campaign?

  6. I don’t mind the idea of going straight towards another campaign instead of Tank Aces, the only problem is most people won’t have a mid-war army(unless they start collecting now in anticipation of it in September)

  7. Yea if we went straight for a mid-war campaign and skipped tank aces, I would need to start collecting stuff right now. I am okay doing a firestorm campaign too… but we need to make a decision really soon if we’re going to skip the tank aces thing.

  8. I can agree with that- I’m good with either system- Its easier for new people to buy a box of tanks and be ready for Tank Aces but it probably isn’t as stimulating as a full blown campaign-

  9. I agree. I’ll put up another poll for if we should start a firestorm campaign in fall instead. Polls are just better at collecting those votes than me scrolling through every post/reply.

  10. I just thought of something else – are we going to try to stick to historically accurate army lists for the firestorm campaign or should people just be able to play whatever they want to from whatever era we pick? As long as its the same era the points will add up fine. The only issue I can see with trying for historical accuracy is this – if we ran a mid war africa campaign (that’s the one most voted for on the poll so far), and kept it historically accurate, that means that Jeremy wouldn’t have any models to run in that campaign and has to start over with a new mid war africa army. I personally will do a completely new army (most likely an axis army – specifically Italians) if we do a mid war africa campaign… but I don’t speak for everyone. So… lets say we did go ahead and run a mid war africa campaign – most everyone else has models at this point that can be used in mid war if they stayed with the same army (although they’d have to use a different actual list), so for Jeremy, if he wants to stick with collecting Russians, would it be okay with everyone if he just used a mid-war Russian list? Afterall, a Firestorm map-based campaign is really a “what if” historical operation, so I don’t see any reason why we couldn’t just say that somehow the Russians managed to send reinforcements to Africa, maybe in the hopes that they’d hold onto some of the territory in the long run. Its a stretch I know, but I just want to make sure we keep our options open so everyone can still play armies they want to play.

  11. I don’t mind it being a map based campaign system that isn’t true historic. I think the idea behind it is still good for being able to maneuver armies across a large map. Eventually when we have lists built up it would be something we could try to be more historical.

  12. Ok, so basically whatever campaign we do (probably will be mid war at this point), people can use any list as long as its a mid war list. From what I’ve seen of people’s armies so far, I think all or most of the models people own could be used for mid war lists.

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