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The Axis Strikes Back

by on June 11, 2012

The unstoppable Wehrmacht goes rolling along over the backs of the Brit’s and Russkies. Can the German warmachine not be stopped? Not likely. Churchill and Stalin must be sleepless in their beds at night haunted by fear and doubt.

Hans Schmidt, the highly decorated Grenadierkompanie commander, received orders from Heer high command to hold the line! Do not give an inch of earth to the infamous British Red Devils. Toasts of good tiding’s and farewell go out to our courageous brothers Grenadier who died in honor holding the line against those cursed Brits.

The battle started off as a chance encounter which  escalated both quickly and deadly as it was nearly over before it began. The British para’s quickly took hold of defensive cover in a group of buildings drawing the line in the sand between them and the German warmachine. It would need to hold until reinforcements arrived, for they were outnumbered more than double.



Commander Hans Schmidt radioed to Divisional Command that the assault was about to commence and he needed the big guns to dig them out!  The German Grenadiers led the charge over their trenches and sandbags to destroy the paratroopers before they had a chance to reinforce, but as the Brits were within close-quarters for the hand-to-hand the screaming hell-cry of friendly German heavy artillery came crashing down to close and caused their assault to halt in its tracks. The assault being stalled gave the British Paratroopers just enough time to push  the advantage they needed to turn-the-tide of the battle. They charged out the Italian stone villas, a strong contradiction to the serene surroundings with bayonets fixed. They cut the Germans assault down without much effort as the German soldiers never saw them coming with their heads down low trying to find shelter from their own artillery.

However, the Grenadiers are hardened veterans and they pounded the British advance with relentless mortar after mortar after mortar. Their Vicker’s machine guns rained hell-fire down on the German defense lines, keeping them suppressed as the British Counter-assault continued. This counter assault cost the Brit’s the lives of most their men, a price that is all so dear.

A battle-worn British Platoon Lieutenant and his last two soldiers must’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and give the Germans what-for in a last ditch effort to end the fight! They probably knew that it was death or glory for being taken prisoner was not an option.

Seeing how dire the situation was, the Grenadiers own mortar platoon commander made a mad-dash with mp-40 submachine gun blazing to contest the Brit’s assault.


The German mortar officer pinned down the British Platoon command long enough to allow the rest of the Grenadierkompanie to join the counter-counter assault.


With the tide turned once again the Wehrmacht dislodged the cursed Vicker’s machine guns and British para’s from the once peaceful Italian country side. The villas and vineyards were left pockmarked with bullet casing, smoldering heavy artillery craters, and littered with silent, motionless corpses. The British Red Devils are a competent adversary that should not be taken lightly, but no one can stop the blitzkrieg.

  1. derkommissar permalink

    Well written. Allies had a poor showing this last session…. It won’t be repeated!!!

  2. Well I did win a game for the allies against Matt. Matt counted as playing for the axis… so at least we had ONE win this week. Axis definately won turn 1. 😦 Hopefully the allies can pull off some more wins in turn 2.

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