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Kurg’s Return

by on June 11, 2012

After his last showing against the Russian’s Kurg recovered nicely in 2 engagements with Allied forces. No documentation exists in the battle against the 82nd, but rest assured that they were soundly defeated by the brave soldiers of the Fatherland.

Surrounded and spread thin they managed to first repel one assault then barely parry another before countering with a deadly force that swept the 82nd from the field.


The battle against the Red Devil’s was a different story entirely. Having freshly pushed the 82nd back the Germans went on the offensive pushing into a town that was defended by the British. Kurg pushed up a flank alone hoping to catch the British unaware before they could be reinforced while the rest of his company pushed on the eastern side of town. After losing one platoon to a deadly counterattack by the Red Devils the 2nd platoon mopped them up. Kurg’s gambit did not pay off as reinforcements arrived just in time to mow him down with a hail of fire.

Kurgs company carried on narrowly destroying the Red Devil’s Commander and capturing the objective despite the desperate attempts by the British to stop them. The Germans narrowly carried the day.



A 3rd battle later took place in which a German heavy tank company came under attack by an American tank company. The fighting was bitter and it
looked like the Americans would eliminate the Tiger’s from the battle. At zero hour the tigers rallied and managed to push back enough to take the field again narrowly winning.


All around good games this week guys! Axis took the day 4-1(Allies win was Walter vs Matt’s British).

“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”

  1. I like how you included our massive tank battle from the end of the day in there (so everyone knows, MIchael and I played several other battles that don’t count for the campaign – like that massive tank battle). Shouldn’t you include the two “for fun” tank aces games then… you know… when my shermans actually did manage to win… twice, and the first game without any casualties against those tigers? 😉 Just so the record is clear that I didn’t lose EVERY game against the Germans.

    Btw, I would guess that if Matt has to play me again, he also won’t fall for the same tricks again. Usually the first time I play anyone it seems to be that they’re surprised by how aggressive I am with my 82nd. Luke will be much more difficult to defeat next time, I’m sure.

  2. Btw, you took a couple of really nice close up shots for your battle report.

  3. Thanks! Its harder with the phone vs camera. I like those shots a bit better- The phone I tend to be blurrier with

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