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The Heroic Sacrifice of Volkov Danonov

by on June 10, 2012

The Heroic Sacrifice of Volkov Danonov

Brave commander Volkov gave his life for Mother Russia trying to liberate the Italian village from the fascist invaders. He bravely charged into the fray to confront the Germans hiding in farm houses and when he saw that his machine-gunners were in danger from a nearby stick grenade he dove on top of it to save their lives. Volkov understood that we all have a duty to the victory of our socialist nation and sacrifice is required from us all.

Through the cowardly tactics of the Germans we had to fall back and wait for our mortars to be shipped to us from our factories in the Urals. Despite this there were plenty of acts of valor. One of our very own soldiers has proven to be a very effective sharpshooter and leader, his name is Dmitrius Pechenko.

-Political Officer Pushkin


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  1. derkommissar permalink

    I took a gamble on this game by not taking mortars in favor of Maksim machine guns. I paid the price for it too (in addition to poorly executing my opening moves) by losing this game. Now that we are moving up to 700 points for the next session I will definately include some mortars, most likely the heavy variety.

  2. Cowardly? I don’t look at it that way. Why sacrifice lives needlessly? I simply played to my advantage.

    “Coward: A man in whom the instinct of self-preservation acts normally.” ~Sultana Zoraya

  3. I have a feeling the Soviets would have defined coward in a little bit of a different light 😉

  4. Personally I think mortars are great. Machineguns are helpful, but mortars are kind of necessary in these games. When forced to make a choice between mortars or machineguns, I would take mortars any day. I am including two more platoons in my 700 point army – one mortar platoon and one Light Machinegun platoon… but I can’t afford to take both as full platoons… so I am taking the mortars as a full platoon of 4 and the Light Machineguns with only one section of 4 instead of 2 sections of 8. For me, the mortars help with pinning but also can launch smoke bombardments (I realize soviets can’t do this). Isn’t there a soviet unit that can launch smoke pots or something like that? I remember reading a battle report somewhere on the WWPD website where soviets launch some kind of smoke pot thing…

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