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The tenative future plans for the SeattleFoW club

by on June 7, 2012

Hello again guys.  I wanted to make a quick post about what our plans are for the future of the club.  So as you all know we’ve been attempting to play every other week on saturdays at the Panzer Depot.  So most likely the next gaming day after this coming Saturday June 9th, will be Saturday June 23rd.  I’ll confirm this on Saturday to make sure that’s going to work with John as well as the majority of the club. 

For long term future plans – we’ll probably be playing 3 game days for turn 2 at 700 points, and if we’re consistently playing every other week we should be finished with turn 2 by the end of July and then beginning turn 3 at 900 points in August.  We will most likely play only 2 game days for turn 3  in August, and then do the final mega-battle.  The final mega-battle will be in september, but I want to discuss with John what saturday would work best, since we’re going to need the big table at the back and need most of the day to do that one… so a little more coordination is necessary.

After we finish this campaign, the plan so far is to go right ahead in and start another campaign the next game day in september – only this time we’ll be doing a Tank Aces campaign.  The thinking here is that after we complete both an infantry aces campaign and tank aces campaign, everyone should have plenty of models to run a well rounded larger army (as long as everyone sticks with the same general faction – ie – I’m playing Americans in infantry aces and will probably stick with Americans for the tank aces campaign). 

After that tank aces campaign is finished, which will be sometimes around the holidays most likely (I am sure game days will fluctuate a bunch since people will be with families and out of town and such), then the next plan is to do a full on Firestorm campaign.  This is a map based campaign style.  There are multiple different Firestorm campaigns available to download and some that Battlefront sells as full expansion sets (ie Firestorm Bagration or Firestorm Market Garden).  We could also easily adapt Firestorm rules to a completely different area or era – we could run an early war campaign, a mid war Afrika campaign, etc etc.  My original plan was that after we had completed both the infantry aces and tank aces campaigns, everyone should have reasonably sized late war armies and then we could use those in a full on late war Firestorm Bagration or Market Garden campaign.  However, these are pretty long term plans, so I figure we’ll discuss them as a group to see what everyone is most interested in.  By the time we decide what map based campaign to do, we should all have plenty of models and be fairly knowledgeable of the rules from playing both of the aces escalation campaigns. 

Well that’s it.  Those are the long term plans for the club.  Oh and also if there’s enough interest in it, I could also get some t-shirts printed up with a logo and such for our club, but only if there’s interest – usually shirts are pretty cheap, as in under 20 bucks and I happen to know a couple of talented artists who are very capable of designing cool logos – if we do that though, I suggest we change our name to something slightly more catchy than SeattleFoW. 



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  1. I fully support the idea of t-shirts. The cost per shirt should be relatively low (15 to 20 bucks) and we could maybe even have them designed for axis specific and allies specific depending on what side you’re on. Walter, assuming we can come up with a club name (which I happened to like the suggestion I put forth in a previous post) how long would it take for the shirts to be made?

    I like the idea of expanding this into tank aces. I will definitely stick with Soviets for that.

  2. If everyone is interested in t-shirts, first we have to agree on a club name that we want on the shirts. Then I will talk to my contacts about having a logo made up (both of my parents are professional artists, so I would ask them to help me out). Third, I’d be checking around for the best prices on printed t-shirts. In the past when I’ve done this very same thing for clubs, they usually want you to buy a minimum of 10 or more shirts, so ppl would need to really be interested, because I am not going to front all of that money. If there was enough interest after we had the logo designed I would then collect the money, and take the sizes down that everyone wanted and then go order the shirts. I know you’d like to have an axis and an allied shirt design, but every different design is going to have a minimum order number… so that would only work if people wanted a LOT of shirts. Anyway, how many people are actually interested in having a club shirt? Anyone else besides Jeremy? We’d need most everyone because I would collect the money to pay for the shirts when I order them, and there will most likely be a minimum number that we have to order.

  3. I am definitely down for t-shirts. As for a club name, we could do something as simple as SEA-FOW or do a catchier name like Seattle Zero Hour or North West Front-line. Jeremie’s suggestion is also great. For a logo we could do a cool take on propaganda style art. If you would like, I could also sketch up a logo. I have experience in making logos for various different clubs.

  4. Okay sure give it a go and sketch up a logo. I like the idea of a logo in the style of propaganda art. I’ll talk to my contacts as well, and after a couple of weeks after we have several sketches we can vote on which one we want. I havent looked yet, but I am pretty sure we’d need to account for paying for about 10 t shirts to make this affordable and guess around 15-20 bucks a pop. Also assume that when you’re drawing the sketch, that its going to be just black ink on a single color shirt (that’s going to be the cheapest way to go).

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