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British “Red Devils” Infantry Aces List (500 pts.)

by on May 31, 2012

British “Red Devils” Infantry Aces List (500 pts.)

Using the Turning Tide rule book.

60 –      Command Platoon (Capt. Cecil Hawthorne)

                        2iC (Lt. Reginald “The Ruffian” Stewart)

20 –                              – Attached PIAT Team

170 –    Parachute Platoon

                        Command Unit

                        PIAT Team

                        4 – Units

170 –    Parachute Platoon

                        Command Unit


                        4 – Units

80 –      Vickers Heavy Machine Guns

                        Command Unit

                        2 – Units

500 –    Total

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

                          – Winston Churchill

  1. 1st505thpir permalink

    Good list … HMG have gone from pointless in 2nd ed to very, very useful in 3rd ed.

    Any Fearless Vet list is going to be small, and can have a tough time against “horde” lists. I have not been able to try this out, but I ‘hear’ the best way to deal with them is to fallback a lot. ie don’t get sucked into counterattacking if possible.

    Also stick one or two teams out front about 5″ beyond the main line of defense for the platoon. The idea being that when contacted you’ll have several stands (and HMG?) that will be able to defensive fire, but won’t have many stands ‘available’ as casulities in the assault. And if dug in, you might be able to “break off” by remaining stationary in your rifle pits as you are already over 4″ from the enemy.

    • tatzelworm permalink

      Thanks for the tip! I am still very new to the game and will gladly accept any tactical advice, especially when I will be mostly fighting against outnumbering opponents.

      • That’s sound advice as long as you don’t have to attack. I played luke last Saturday after you did, and he had to defend two objectives and I had to take them with my 82nd (which like you are expensive and always outnumbered). In that instance, he had half his stuff off the table in delayed reserves – I decided to risk it and push up both flanks as fast as possible (hurray for truscott trot!)- I was on the objectives at the end of turn 2, and luke had to try to start pushing me off of them before his reserves started to arrive. I weathered a lot of fire doing this, but it paid off because luke was playing catch up for the rest of the game and couldn’t push me off the objectives. If you have to attack a superior force, then I think, don’t be too afraid to be gutsy early on in the game because if you sit too long and let him whittle you down, you won’t have enough men in the second half of the game to deal with him. Take the fight to them (when you have to attack)!

  2. Heh, I don’t know that we have any Horde axis players yet but its still good tactical advice!

  3. 1st505thpir permalink

    That is for defending, but in your case you kind of outnumbered him, as it sounds like you had all your force on table and he only had half. But yes attacking a non-FV list can be difficult as they typically will outnumber you, which is why I don’t play Fearless list very much as they are IMO not worth the points.

    However if you do find yourself attacking a force that outnumbers you, remember ttat you will typically have all your forces on the table and there are two objectives. So try to ‘horde’ your force against one objective. Also when placing objectives, you usually want to spread them out as far as possible to ‘stretch’ out the defense of them.

    For all lists it is generally better to have even numbered platoons, as most of the 10 scenarios have only half (round down) the number of platoon on table at start. So for German players, and players with gun teams at HQ level, think about forming the extra platoon if it brings you to an even number of platoons.

    The Panzer Depot

  4. Yea, fearless vet lists are tough due to lack of numbers, although that’s going to matter a LOT more the lower the points the game is. I personally chose to play my 82nd because I already owned the company and I needed an excuse to paint them up and I didn’t have the money to buy another infantry company from the start. Although they’re a little tougher to win with, they’re fun to play, and when I do win, it feels like I accomplished more by winning with them. I am thinking in 700 points instead of just adding the full mortar platoon, I may take half a mortar platoon and then half a light machine gun platoon so that I have 4 platoons instead of 3.

  5. Something else just occured to me for Matt – shouldn’t he be allowed to have the option to use night fight rules when he is the attacker? He’s playing an infantry company. I suppose it has to be in a mission where he is the attacker and the enemy is in prepared positions… but still it seems like that would behoove him to use night fight since he can deploy 8 inches closer to the enemy at the start of the game as well as gives some concealment from it being night time for him to get in there and assault faster.

  6. It really depends on who you are playing against and the mission but yeah It’d probably be good in some missions for sure.

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