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Allies Strike Back!

by on May 29, 2012

Allies won over Axis forces 3-2 bringing the totals to Axis:6 Allies:3 (unless I forgot a game in there).

The Fallschirmjager didn’t fare as well this time around as they did against the 82nd. Fighting Russians is never an easy affair but the Russians really ram the point home when they outnumber the Fallschirmjager over 3-1! 

The battle was a tough one with only a single Platoon waiting to ambush the red tide. 


Kurg, seeing that his forces were vastly outnumbered even if reinforcements arrived in a timely fashion decided that a drastic measure be taken- A frontal assault. 

The assault, while valiant failed when the Russian horde quickly organized an effective field of fire to push the brave Fallschirmjager back! After which the Russian’s quickly overwhelmed the survivors.

Kurg, knowing he had sent his men to their  deaths as the Russians poured from the treeline made an attempt to hold them off himself with only a few aides desperately hoping the reinforcements would come. 

Kurg quickly fell despite his valiant defense. Reinforcements arrived in time to stall the Russians but inevitably failed to stop the Russians from taking the field.


Hopefully next time the Fallschirmjager face the Russians high command will see fit to give Kurg one platoon to hold out against the inexhaustible horde. 

Great games all around this game day, I hope that we will continue to see such a great turnout. We have a total of 6 games between 7 people! Hope to see you all out there again! Remember next game day is our last  day at 500 points, then we advance to 700- which will change the field quite a bit I think.  



  1. I think it was 3-3

    My grenadierkompanie won against the British paratroopers and the 101st airborne, i lost to the 82nd airborne and jeremie’s Russians won one for the Allies and one for the axis. So there, take that you dirty allies, I’ll hear none of your propaganda. Lol 🙂

  2. LOL, little did they know it was all part of a German plot that they fight the US airborne.

  3. derkommissar permalink

    Now that I understand how to build a decent U.S.S.R. list we will start seeing the Allied win total rise steadily.

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