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Lucky Joe’s luck finally turns for the better

by on May 27, 2012

Lucky Joe faced a German line holding 2 objectives who nearly doubled the number of his men… however half of the Germans were not on the field yet and had been delayed arriving in time for the skirmish.  Joe decided to take a huge risk and run his men up both flanks, weathering mortars and lead alike to take the objectives from the blasted Huns before they knew what hit ’em.  The Gambled paid off.  Joe’s men ran faster than most men at the urging of their commander all the while minimizing casualties and keeping steadfast on their target so as not to be pinned and slowed down.  By the time the German reinforcements arrived, it was too late.  Lucky Joe’s 82nd had pushed the Huns off the objectives and Hans, the Germans’ CO, desperately attempted to counterattack (played by Luke), and push the Yanks back off the objevtives.

Here Lucky Joe’s 82nd set up a hasty defense against the oncoming German counterattack.


But the counterattack is too little too late.  The 82nd hold the line.


On the opposite flank, Lucky Joe directs his men to hold the other objective and send the remaining of the bastdard Huns into oblivion.


Lucky Joe pushed the Germans back and won the day.

Overall – a very fun game, and well fought on the part of my opponent, Luke.  This was actually my first victory in the campaign so far, and I finally feel like I am getting the hang of how to use the airborne more effectively.  I look forward to playing again on June 9th.  Go 82nd!

One Comment
  1. Argh, those blasted yanks!

    Yes, Hanz Schmidt suffered his first lose to the infamous 82nd Airborne.

    I must admit I was pretty awestruck imagining my troops seeing his paratroopers run across the battlefield at double time all the while getting bombarded by my mortars. I guess the Grenadiers mortar men were too shocked by the aggressiveness of their tactics to accurately lay indirect fire. (not too mention Lucky Joes “luckiness” to not get injured by the few hits that were scored!)

    His tactics to rush me before I could reinforce made all the difference. My infantry ace also failed to call in his off battlefield mortar support, using “I need mortar support!”.

    Alas, the victory goes to the allies…. …. this time.

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