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A club name…?

by on May 23, 2012

So it has come to my attention that we may about to be “listed” as an official club with Battlefront.  I think we should have an “official” club name if we’re going to be referred to as an actual club.  Any thoughts?


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  1. derkommissar permalink

    I think our club should be named either: Seattle Infantry Elites Club or WW2 Weekend Warriors.

  2. I honestly like Seattle FOW, I like simple-

  3. I think we need something different than seattle FOW because there is more than one seattle flames of war group. I think we need something that distinguishes us from other groups.

  4. I kinda like Seattle FOW. The only reason is, there is no question to people who play Flames of War what we do. Jeremie’s suggestions were catchy, but is their a way to make more explicit like Seattle FOW: infantry elites club? Or something…

    • derkommissar permalink

      Or….. We could call our club North West World War Elites (N.W.W.W.E.) and our slogan could be What Would Patton Do? (W.W.P.D?). What do you guys think?

      • I like that… how about a spin on that – Northwest Noobz: FOW Division. I like the what would Patton do slogan too.

  5. Yeah but there already is a wwpd website, I like North West World War Elites or the infantry elites club, thats cool-

  6. Okay, we’ll vote on it on saturday with everyone who shows up. I don’t want to go with “infantry” in our club name since we’re not always going to play infantry games. I’d rather Northwest world war elites than the infantry elites…. although I do think elites makes us sound a lot more experienced than we really are 😉 Anyway, keep coming up with more ideas for saturday so we have more than one or two to vote on.

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