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Gaming at the panzer depot saturday may 26th

by on May 21, 2012

Just a quick update :  I will be at the depot by 2pm to play more of campaign turn 1 games.  I will be there until john kicks me out of the store around 8 or 9.  If anyone wants to come earlier to play campagin games that is fine, just keep track of the game turns and results, and I will transfer it to the results sheet when i get to the shop.  I believe Joe will be carpooling with me as well.  I am not sure when everyone else is showing up.  It would probably be helpful if everyone posted ETAs for people arriving at the shop to play saturday games here.


  1. Luke permalink

    I’ll be there close to 2pm. I’m shooting for earlier. Matt C. said he wanted to get there earlier too, because he couldn’t stay late.

  2. derkommissar permalink

    I will be arriving as early as 3:30 and as late as 4:00. I will be able to stay until 9:00 like last session.

  3. Another update: Due to my babysitter being sick, I am going to be later than I thought (I have to wait until my wife is off of work to take over watching my 20 month old daughter). I am going to TRY to make it to the shop by 2:30pm, but due to traffic from memorial day weekend, I am guessing it’ll be closer to 3pm.

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