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Lists being played in the infantry aces campaign

by on May 15, 2012

Hello, all.  Due to a request from John, I am posting the lists I know are playing in the campaign so far. 

1) Walter – parachute infantry from the Turning Tide book (using them as 82nd airborne)

2) Michael – Fallschimjager from the Grey Wolf book

3) Joe – Norwegian SS mechanized (without the transports – I can’t remember if they are panzergrenadiers or not)

4) Jeremy – I believe he’s now going to run an infantry Strekolvy list from Red Bear (he’s changing his list currently)

5) Luke – He played a basic infantry list from Fortress Europe last time, but I believe he’ll be using something more updated soon (probably from Grey Wolf)

6) Matt – (this is a new guy – an old friend of Jeremy and myself who should be joining us on the 26th of May) – I believe he’s playing British Paratroopers (no idea what book he’s using yet).

7) Steve – (not sure if/when he’s joining our group yet) He’ll be playing guard’s british infantry from the Hell’s Highway book.

I don’t have the page numbers of these army lists above (because I am at work without my books as I post this).  Obviously everyone is starting at 500 points.  We’ll probably play 500 points on the 26th, and one more gaming session at 500 points and then move into 700 points.  That should give people several games to get used to their armies/tactics.  Anyone is free to join us… but keep in mind we don’t have a “regular” gaming night.  We’ve just been scheduling it 2-3 weeks apart when the most amount of people can get together on a saturday at the shop.  Also, this goes without saying, but pretty much our entire group are newbies (including myself), so vets are welcome, just be nice and helpful to all of us newbs 🙂  We’ll probably try to stretch this campaign throughout the summer and have the mega-battle at some point in August.


  1. 1st505thpir permalink

    Looks like a good mix … hopefully you’ll get some new recruits. Some thoughts on the army lists.

    #3 – German mechanized infantry should all be Panzergrenadier’s. I suspect he is playing a SS motorized company from 11 SS Panzergrenadier (Nordland) Divison. They are classed as an infantry company and are all Fearless Trained. The infantry stands are all MG teams and trucks are optional. They also get the ‘Master Plan’ and ‘To The Bitter End’ special rules in addition to the normal German special rules. Good list for an Infantry Ace campaign … if you can roll 4+ to counterattack!

    #5 – Grey Wolf has a pretty good basic list for a Grenadier company. Earth & Steel has a couple of unusual grenadier companies. You can pick the Fusilier Company from the 352nd and have MG infantry teams or a company from the 326th division which are only rated Confident Trained but you get more troops, full squad 120 pts compared to 180 Fusiliers’ or 155pts basic German infantry. The weapon/support choices are also less.

    #6 – Organizationally it won’t matter if he does his list from Turning Tide or A bridge To Far. The points cost for some platoons are cheaper in Turning Tide though.

    #7 – Guards Rifle platoons are tough with their Unflappable rule … but the Platoon, Debus rule won’t help for this campaign and they are expensive. He’ll have to wait for the next round to get HMG’s, but this list works:
    500 Pts – British Rifle Company List
    x1 Company HQ, 40 pts
    2 Rifle team
    x2 Guards Rifle Platoon, 185 pts (Platoon, Debus!; Unflappable)
    1 Command Rifle/MG team
    1 PIAT team
    1 Light Mortar team (Smoke)
    6 Rifle/MG team
    x1 Guards Mortar Platoon, 90 pts (Unflappable)
    1 Command Rifle team
    1 Observer Rifle team
    2 ML 3″ Mk II mortar (Smoke Bombardment)

    If he wants to get to four platoons, the only option is to reduce both infantry platoons and get a Pioneer platoon. He loses one stand over all, won’t be able to use his transport and they go from Rifle/MG to Rifle, though do go from Tank Assault 2 to Tank Assault 3 which is much help in this campaign.

    If he wanted to go bold, he could do a 7th Armored lorried company from E&S. They are Reluctant Veterans, but you could take two reduced and one full strength platoons and a mortar platoon with 2 sections. The Cautious Not Stupid rule lets you re-roll failed attempts to rally from pinned down or bailed out, IF the platoon did not fail any saves in the last enemy firing phase.

    485 Pts – British Rifle Company List
    x1 Company HQ, 25 pts
    2 Rifle team
    X1 Lorried Rifle Platoon, 140 pts (Cautious Not Stupid)
    1 Command Rifle/MG team
    1 PIAT team
    1 Light Mortar team (Smoke)
    6 Rifle/MG team
    x2 Lorried Rifle Platoon, 110 pts (Cautious Not Stupid)
    1 Command Rifle/MG team
    1 PIAT team
    1 Light Mortar team (Smoke)
    4 Rifle/MG team
    x1 Lorried Mortar Platoon, 100 pts (Cautious Not Stupid)
    1 Command Rifle team
    2 Observer Rifle team
    4 ML 3″ Mk II mortar (Smoke Bombardment)


    PS: let me know if my posts are to long …

  2. Your posts are just fine, John, we all appreciate the help 🙂 With regards to the possible lists Steve could run (#7)… he has yet to play or even watch a game yet. Steve is the gentleman that Joe and I were picking models out for last time. I believe Steve will be joining us on the 26th, but he told me he would like to watch some games first, and I don’t think he’ll have his models assembled yet, so I wouldn’t worry just yet about what specific list he’s going to play – although I would guess he’s going to use a list from the book we got him, which is Hell’s Highway (so probably the guards rifles – he really wants to play a tank list last I talked to him, and the tank list and infantry list for the guards in that book seem pretty interchangeable in terms of what are “core” choices). Also I am aware that they guys were expensive in points in that list, but I helped pick that list out as a way of building an army quickly using less money to do it… which meant more expensive teams.

  3. Weird, I know at first when we were talking he had liked the idea of lots of artillery-

  4. The guards rifle infantry and guards tank company lists both can use very similar choices for arty.

  5. Ahhh, I gotcha- Maybe when we expand to do Tank Aces in the Fall he can explore the tanks more(is he thinking british tanks as well?)

  6. I updated one of the categories to be lists so if people tag when they post them it should be as easy as clicking on the category and looking at relevant posts (it will helpful as points change).

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