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by on May 12, 2012

“You know those Germans are the best soldiers I ever saw. They’re smart and they don’t know what the word ‘fear’ means. They come in and they keep coming until they get their job done or you kill them… If they had as many people as we have they could come right through us any time they made up their minds to do it.”

Battalion CO 116th Infantry Regiment on
3. Fallschirmjägerdivision
I also remembering a quote from a captured American Officer in Tunisia that noted a transport plane had crashed on the runway in Tunis and the German’s proceeded to unload the other planes quickly before taking the time to start helping the craft. His remark on seeing this was this “Men who fight a war like this will be hard to beat”. Pretty professional soldiers-
  1. “In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen me fight so hard.”
    Lieutenant General Wilhelm Bittrich – Commander of II SS Panzer Korps – (Commenting on the British Paratroopers at Arnhem) – September 1944

  2. But my favorite quote so far in World War 2 with regards to the American Soldier comes directly from Patton: “I don’t measure a man’s success by how high he climbs, but how far he bounces when he hits bottom.” -George Patton.

    That quote really epitomizes the American spirit. Knock us down, but we keep getting back up until the enemy is down for good. I should note that Patton also admired and respected his German opponents, all the while screaming that he was going to grease his tanks with their blood and guts.

  3. Yeah Americans have a great ability to keep pushing until the job is done nod doubt. Sometimes it just takes us some time to get warmed up 🙂
    I don’t know if this is accurate, but its what I get a sense of- Its almost as if Americans fight with thier hearts and the germans were fighting with thier head. Not to say either side didn’t use head/heart but the way we fight can be different.
    The article I got the above quote from on the fow website was pretty good, it makes me want to do a campaign starting D-day-

  4. I also found a good idea on their forums about running a battle with “generals” in the other room giving orders to the tabletop players in the next room with nothing but a map and a few minutes communication with them. I think it would be a fun and interesting thing to try!

  5. We need everyone in our group to build up their armies and for all of us to have a real solid grasp of the rules before trying big things like a long term d-day campaign and generals in the other room. Both are cool ideas… but for now I think we need to just focus on getting this group together at the same time and place and building our armies and understanding the rules. Personally for big campaigns, I would LOVE to do a map based campaign like bagration or market garden… or eventually actually starting from the beginning in early war… but that stuff is all a long ways off at this point.

  6. Yeah I agree at least for the larger campaigns. I think we can realistically do a general in the next room thing by the end of summer- The battle doesn’t need to be huge and that would give people time to accumulate some models and learn the rules. Obviously this would be something that wouldn’t happen unless people were really into the idea but I’m sure people from thursday night gaming might want in on it too. I think overall it would be easier then the campaigns to try.
    All stuff we can work for and try eventually though 🙂 The getting everyone together in the same place same time thing will be tough but we will get there eventually!

  7. 1st505thpir permalink

    Of course it is obvious for me, but for those who are not aware 🙂

    Following the 82nd’s action in Holland, Lt. Gen. Sir Miles C. Dempsey, British Second Army Commander, paid this tribute to Gen. Gavin: “I’m proud to meet the Commanding General of the greatest division in the world today.”

    But the one that really sums up the attitude of my old unit, the 505th PIR, D-Day: That night, Col. (then Lt. Col.) Robert Wienecke wrote in his G-3 report: “Short 60 percent Infantry, 90 percent Artillery. Combat efficiency: Excellent.”

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