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John’s tips for Jeremy’s Russian list

by on May 11, 2012

So John was helping Jeremy and Luke learn the game last time we were all in the store, and he sent me an email today with some more tips for Jeremy and his army because he’s been following our discussions on here.  I am going to copy and paste what he sent me up here so we can all discuss it. 

*   First off he played the infantry wrong (and I did not catch it). His Rifle teams are in fact Rifle/MG teams. Makes a big difference in firepower.·        

*   He really needs to get to four platoons, most of the scenarios have you starting with only half you army on table.·        

*   The 10 hits to pin is not worth it right now. Even with a commissar, it only takes losing two stands and you lose the benefit of it.·        

*   He needs some type of pinning weapon.·        

*   He really needs to use Red Bear for making is army list. Using Fortress Europe points will get him used to playing list he cannot play with other FOW players (the point are almost always in higher for 3rd ed lists) With the above in mind I think he should be running the following list from Red Bear:

Soviet Infantry Battalion (Late War)
Confident TrainedRed Bear pg. 24

Battalion HQ
Headquarters Platoon
1 x Bn Cmd Rifle Team
1 x 2iC Cmd Rifle Team
1 x Bn Kommisar Team   30  points

Combat Platoons
Infantry Company (x1 Platoons)
1 x Cmd Rifle/MG Team
1 x Kommisar Team
7 x Rifle/MG Teams   145  points

Infantry Company (x1 Platoons)
1 x Cmd Rifle/MG Team
7 x Rifle/MG Teams    130  points

Battalion Mortar Company (x2 Platoon)
1 x Cmd Rifle Team
6 x 82mm Mortar Teams   95  points
1 x Observer Rifle Team   15  points

Battalion Machine-Gun Company (x1 Platoon)
1 x Cmd Rifle Team
3 x Maximum HMG Teams   80  points

Weapons Companies

Battalion Anti-Tank Rifle Company (x2 Platoon)  85 points
1 x Cmd Rifle Team
8 x PTRD ATR Teams  0

Regimental Gun Company (x1 Platoon)  75  points
1 x Cmd Rifle Team
2 x 76mm Gun Team  0

He can put his Battalion Kommisar with the other infantry company so both have one. He can also switch out the HMG company with the ATR or Gun company and still be under 500pts. For his 700 pt list, he should probably upgrade one infantry company to two platoons and add in one of the weapons companies OR drop the FO from the Mortar and upgrade both Infantry Companies to two platoons. –

-John Kennedy

So discuss the list/advice below guys 🙂

  1. I just realized I think John meant for the additional weapon companies to be added in turn 2 of the campaign for 700 points. So everything above that is the 495 point list.

  2. Also I thought I’d throw this in – this isn’t exactly “legal” per-se, but I know the Red Bear book is expensive (I really want to get it and collect Romanians at some point), and I would never say that a pdf could permenantly replace actually owning the book… however for the purposes of fiddling with your army list and figuring out what is going to work and what you want to play, until you actually own Red Bear, use this website:

  3. Correct on the Weapons Companies… though he could in the 500pt switch out the HMG (or mortars) for one of those Companies.

    The ATR Company is interesting becuase you can combat attached a team or two to your Infantry companies. The downside for the ATR stands is that they are Gun teams, so just get a 5+ save and cannot assault. That said, they are a ROF 2 and 5+ firepower so are better at eliminating dug in troops.

    BTW you will not be using smoke of any kind playing a soviet list, they just don’t have any stands that fire smoke or smoke bombadments.

  4. derkommissar permalink

    Thanks for the suggestions. I will try out the above list and see how it works. Eventually I will pick up the Red Bear book since it is easier to look through than a collection of pages in a binder. I also realised that I was not using my MG’s, although they were with my army. I’m still in the newb category, but the game is becoming easier to understand.

  5. I think just about our whole group is still in the noob category 🙂

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