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Captain “Lucky Joe” McClusky’s 82nd Airborne

by on April 24, 2012

“We’re not off to a great start boys, but we’ll hit the huns hard next time.”

Lucky Joe’s 82nd were defeated twice in two close gut wretching games.  First they attempted to assault the nearby town outside of Cassino and were repelled back after some of Lucky Joe’s men became overzelous and overextended themselves without waiting for reinforcments.  In the second game, Lucky Joe attempted to take his men and hold the weapons depot.  After holding back the huns for multiple turns, Lucky Joe was the last man to go down… after taking the majority of the huns down with him.  Lucky Joe crawled from the battlefield, bleeding and with wounded pride, shouted in defiance to the remaining huns, “We’ll be back, you Godless hun bastards!”

Captain “Lucky Joe” McClusky’s 82nd Airborne (500 points):

HQ – Captain “Lucky Joe” McClusky and his 2iC

Combat Platoons – 2 platoons consisting of: 1 platoon leiutenant (rifle/mg team), 4 rifle/mg teams, 1 61mm mortar team, and 1 bazooka team.


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