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Panzer Depot LW 1575 tourney

Hey guys, I participated in a tournament at panzer depot on Saturday! This was my first FoW tourney so I was not sure what to expect.We had 8 people show up, a perfect 4/4 allied/axis spread with all allies but 1 as tank lists.
I managed to take a 5-2 victory 1st round, 4-3 victor 2nd round and a 5-2 loss 3rd round. Overall it was a good day, all of my matches were very hard fought and I had good opponents for all of them. I made mistakes and paid for them. The dice were both kind and cruel to me, much to my dismay in my last game.
My first game against Paul(mechanized Irish) was a good one, My Nebels easily win mvp for pinning and killing a lot of his infantry while my Pak40s are the lamest by being killed by universal carriers.
My second game against Dan(Armoured Irish) was a tough one because it was one of my least favorite missions, breakthrough. I almost lost it when his flanking tanks came on the board but I managed to hold on and pull off a close victory. He had all tanks(only 4 stuarts, the rest shermans/fireflys) which was a challenge.
My 3rd game against Dylan(7th armoured Americans) was also very hard fought. Dylan was quick to silence my Nebels and focus fire my Paks to death. The dice were kind to my stugs who managed to survive a ton of punishment(cruel in that I bogged waaay more then I made it through terrain). The dice were harsh in my tank killing, I was mostly unable to hit(trained) and unable to role firepowers to save myself. I may have been able to pull off another point(and maybe 2nd) had I not forgotten a couple important things(smoke!) But then again he could have probably remembered a few to help himself out(in addition to his armoured recon failing to unpin for 3-4 turns). So it was a tough balance.
I think my list does well against all but a ton of tanks. Dylan had over 12 of them. If I don’t get my firepower rolls and hit rolls I can’t win because I get whittled down until I have no AT left. And those stupid jumbos that soak up all my viable hits. Tough list for me!.
I didn’t have anybody that was rude or unkind during the games which made them all enjoyable. I had a good experience overall. Here are some pictures!





Mid-war Monster. Soviet KV-5


Here is one of my KV-5s fresh off of the assembly line. I have played a few games with them and they are probably the toughest Soviet tank for the Axis to deal with, but since their point cost is so high you have to sacrifice some other options in order to field these beasts.

Tiger I E

I’ve had these tanks for 3-4 years and just now finished painting them! They are one of the fearsome tanks the germans have in their arsenal and one that I don’t use too often. They are expensive in points cost and in LW are often harder to field against other tank lists because they can throw such high AT guns against you. However they remain one of my favorites, they have a high side armor and top armor which is good for assaults and they have a longer range gun then most tanks which allow for reaching out to destroy my enemies.

2013-02-12_17-11-32_401 2013-02-12_17-14-58_853 2013-02-12_17-15-15_238 2013-02-12_17-15-44_600




Let me know what you think! I am currently working on basing my artillery group and painting some random infantry to fill out the squads I have accumulated. After that I have Marder II’s, Panzer IV’s and Panthers- So plenty of things to take care of before getting more models.

Fallschirmjäger Company

Here are a few pictures of 2 of my Fallschirmjäger platoons- they are part of my larger main company that I play.




More pictures to follow!!

Schwere Panzerjagerkompanie


1 jagdpanther- 235

Combat Platoons

2 Jagdpanthers- 470

3 StuG G- 285

Weapons Platoons

3 Wirbelwind (Quad 2cm)- 165

Support Platoons

Fallschirmjager Platoon- 275
3 squads

Grenadier Artillery Battery- 210
2 gun sections


So this list has a good AT and some good staying power with the FJ troops. The rest of the army besides the arty is mobile so can move forward pretty easily. If I had to move this to 1750 I would add a StuG G or change stuff around and get a 2nd FJ platoon.

Market Garden Compilation

I just picked it up! I’ll include some lists that I want to try out eventually as well as pictures of my 1650 that I’ve been meaning to post for a long time. Some differences in the Market Garden campaign from the Russian one for my lists(mostly Fallschirmjäger) is that I can run a fearless trained company and my support options are VERY different.  Some of the other options the book gives me that I’d like to try out is a confident trained Tiger list. They won’t have Tiger ace skills or wide tracks and will be unreliable so they are significantly cheaper(4 of them for the price of 2 confident vets). I thought this was a great way to play a different German list since usually I am playing a vet list.

If anyone has a model that they are particularly proud of post it! We can have a vote on the best painted of the group. Where are you at painting the lists you are working on? Post some pictures! I’d love to see what people are working on and how their lists are coming along. If anyone has any list questions or wants to throw a list on the forum to see others take on it(sometimes its easier to see what other people think the strengths/weaknesses of a particular list are when building) please do so.


Saturday the 29th!

I just wanted a roll call on who was still planning on making it(I know Walter is and I am-). Will and Jeremy are you guys still coming?

I was also wondering if you guys cared if I tried to get some Thursday night gamers interested by playing some of the battles we have lined up on the map already(since Jeremy/Walter was the only one completed and we still have 2 arrows to do on turn 2). They are experienced players so it wound’t be a gimme and I will only play on arrows currently there(and not all of them). I figured it’d be good to get the board moving a bit more and maybe this will get some to come on a Saturday as well.

Also I wanted to know how late people are planning to stay this next game day on the 29th, I know its the busy time of year and last time Jeremy and Will had to leave early- I just want to make sure we can get full games in so that we are progressing in the campaign(me and will just called the game a draw and left it unresolved because there was no clear victor). I can be there around 3pm, a little earlier if people will be there. My girlfriend has a party we were invited to that I’d go to if I knew people would be leaving at 7pm again(I’d leave at the same time) but if people are planning on staying for the full run I can stay too(or long enough to at least get one game in). To be practical, a game shouldn’t take more then 2.5 hrs, which can be more difficult since some people have a TON of models(go Russians!) and some people are newer to the rules. I just know that if we start setting up tables and start playing by 4 there’s no reason we shouldn’t be finishing games.

So this was a lot longer then I intended it to be! I hope everyone has a good holiday and I will hopefully see everyone the 29th!